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HF Series

3.5 kV Floating Microchannel Plate Power Supplies At Up To 30 kV Isolation

Applications: Microchannel plates for Mass Spectrometers & Electron Microscopes, Floating grid & bias voltages

These power supplies, based on the standard HP series are intended to power imaging detectors. They give 0 to +3.5kV and can be floated on voltages up to ±2.5kV (HFxx2.5), ±10kV (HFxx010), ±20kV (HFxx020) & ±30kV (HFxx030) and use differential feedback techniques to allow the 24 volt power, control and monitor signals to be at ground potential.

Electrical Specification
Unit Type Output Isolation Output Ripple Injected Ripple(1)
0 TO +3.5kV at 1 ma ±2.5 kV(2) 50 mV peak to peak 50 mV peak to peak
0 TO +3.5kV at 1 ma ±10 kV (3) 75 mV peak to peak 75 mV peak to peak
0 TO +3.5 kV at 1 ma ±20 kV (3) 100 mV peak to peak 150 mV peak to peak
HF003PAA030 0 TO +3.5 kV at 1 ma ±30 kV (3) 150 mV peak to peak 200 mV peak to peak

(1) ripple injected into the power supply providing the floating voltage, measured assuming load capacitance of 1000 pF.
(2) resistance to ground 400 Mohm on each output.
(3) resistance to ground 600 Mohm on each output.

AA = Option Code:
AA = Standard Unit, PR=Pot & Ref Ctrl, PL=Pot & Ref Ctrl + Low Injected Ripple option
AL = Low Injected Ripple Option, but Pot & Ref Ctrl Option Not Fitted

Electrical Specification
Input Voltage +24 volt at 0.7 amp
Output Voltage See table above for output voltage and isolation voltage.
(At Ground Level)
0 to +10V gives 0 to +3.5kV. Tolerance ±3%, input impedance >100 kohm.
INTERNAL or EXTERNAL potentiometer control Optional - Option Code P
Line Regulation Less than 0.1%.
Load Regulation Less than 0.1%.
Voltage Monitor 0 to +10V ±3% represents 0 to +3.5 kV.
Source resistance 10 kohm.
Drift Typically 0.1% of full scale voltage per hour, measured at constant input voltage, output voltage, load, polarity & ambient temperature after 1 hours warm up.
Temperature Co-efficient Less than 0.02% per °C.
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +50 °C.
Mechanical Specification
Size 210 x 120 x 60mm
Input Molex connector. (24V power, control and monitor are all at ground potential).
Floating Output By twin flying screened (shielded) leads type URM43 isolation up to 10kV, TV30 (HFxx20/30)