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HPZ Series

Zero crossing reversible high voltage modules up to ±10kV (To ±15kV - consult the factory)

HP001Z, HP2.5Z, HP003Z, HP005Z, HP008Z & HP010Z

Application: Bipolar Lens Supplies, Mass Spectrometers, Focus & High Voltage Bias, High Voltage Amplifiers

The HPZ range is a unique family of high voltage power supplies, extending the operation and versatility of Applied Kilovolts High Precision HP series. The HPZ units feature very fast slewing and settling times, together with the ability to slew cleanly through zero. With a differential control input, they operate like a high voltage amplifier with very tight temperature co-efficient of <25ppm/°C. Note - the HPZ range also features a 4 quadrant output stage, so the unit can source or sink up to its maximum output current, in either polarity.

cruusThe HPZ Series is now UL recognised (E254121) up to ±10kV.

Electrical Specification
Unit Type Output Ripple At Full Load Slewing +settling Time
-fs To +fs
HP001ZIP025 -1kV to +1kV at 1mA 55 mV peak to peak 20mSec
HP2.5ZIP025 -2.5 kV to +2.5 kV at 400uA 65 mV peak to peak  
HP003ZIP025 -3 kV to +3 kV at 400uA 75 mV peak to peak 40mSec
HP005ZIP025 -5 kV to +5 kV at 400uA 170 mV peak to peak 40mSec
HP008ZIP025 -8 kV to +8 kV at 400uA 300 mV peak to peak  
HP010ZIP025 -10 kV to +10 kV at 400uA 300 mV peak to peak 50mSec

Note - the HPZ range features a 4 quadrant output stage, so the unit can source or sink up to its maximum output current, in either polarity:

A high voltage power supply can normally only source current, and does not include a mechanism for sinking significant o/p current.

Our power supply modules are designed to be stable down to zero o/p current, but are only able to sink current via the feedback resistor - a few uA. If the current path is from a higher output voltage, then the output will be pulled to a higher voltage - the unit will loose control, and may well be damaged by the over-voltage.

The HPZ units will not only source current, but they are also able to sink current in either polarity. So if the output is pulled to a higher voltage, the unit will sink that current to maintain the output at the set level, sinking current up to its maximum rating.

Input voltages +24 V ±10% at 1 A
Output voltage See table above.
Control voltage -10 V to +10 V give max. -kV to max. +kV (e.g. -2.5 kV to
Voltage monitor -10V to +10V for max. -kV to max. +kV ±2% o/p impedance
Load regulation Less than 100 ppm for zero to max. load.
Line regulation Less than 20 ppm for 1 V change in I/P volts.
I monitor -10V to +10V represents -100% to +100%
Temperature co-efficient 25 ppm per °C.
Operating temperature 0 °C to +45 °C.
Mechanical Specification
Size 159 x 184.5 x 47 mm. NB. Grounding of the case is via fixing bolts.
Note - height increase to 52mm when Polarity Option is fitted.
Output cable URM43 length 0.5 meter.
Input Connector BERG 20 Way IDC header.
Order Code
Series Code HP
o/p Voltage Polarity Options Code Temp Co
001=1kV Z
R if OP
IP = Standard Unit
OP = Polarity Option

eg. Order Code:

HP003ZIP025 ; ±3kV 400uA standard unit
HP010ROP025 ; ±10kV 400uA + Polarity Option (note1)

Note1 : These units can be factory configured for 0 to +10V control input in conjunction with a polarity input pin 18. This option also configures Pin 20 as an inhibit input. This increases the unit height to 52mm.