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LN Series

Precision Unipolar and Reversible High Voltage Modules

LN001, LN2.5, LN005, LN010, LN015, LN020, LN030

Applications: mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, surface science instruments, nuclear instruments, photo multiplier tubes and micro-channel plates

  • Unipolar and reversible versions available
  • Exceptionally low levels of low frequency (LF) noise and drift
  • High stability, low ripple, low microphony
  • Low partial discharge
  • Fast recovery from load transients
  • Analogue or digital control options
  • Differential analogue input
  • Short circuit and flashover proof
  • Positive, negative and remote reversible versions
  • <10ppm/°C temperature co-efficient (tighter temp-co available upon request)

This range of precision high voltage modules has outputs that provide exceptionally low levels of noise, microphony and drift and is specifically designed for easy integration into systems requiring multiple high voltages. The modules are the ideal HV sources for mass-spectrometry, electron gun, ion gun, photomultiplier, nuclear and other applications.

All units are short circuit proof and use proprietary low noise techniques to achieve a very low ripple with negligible harmonics and exceptional low frequency noise performance. The units have a differential input to minimize coupling of noise. The power supplies are designed for reliability, building on the data gained from many years of field operation of LN predecessors.

Positive, negative, and electrically reversible outputs are available at voltages up to 30kV. The reversible unit has a solid-state switching mechanism that can change polarity at full output voltage whilst maintaining very low levels of noise and partial discharge during switching.

Standard units have a 1m low noise screened cable for the high voltage output, but other cable lengths are available. We manufacture customized versions of these units and would be pleased to discuss your application with you.

Electrical Specification
Unit Type Max Output Voltage* Output Current LF Noise Ripple at
Full Load
Temperature Coefficient (°C)
LN001xIP010 1kV 5mA <2ppm <5ppm <10ppm
LN2.5xIP010 2.5kV 2mA <2ppm <5ppm <10ppm
LN005xIP010 5kV 1mA <2ppm <5ppm <10ppm
LN010xIP010 10kV 0.5mA <2ppm <5ppm <10ppm
LN015xIP010 15kV 0.33mA <2ppm <5ppm <10ppm
LN020xIP010 20kV 0.25mA <2ppm <5ppm <10ppm
LN030xIP010 30kV 0.166mA <2ppm <5ppm <10ppm

*Positive/negative or reversible depending on unit type

Control and Monitoring
Input +24 volt dc ±5% <0.7A 0V input common to HV return and chassis
Max inrush <10A
Control of Output 50mV to 5V for 1% to 100% ±2% Zin>100kΩ
Internal or external potentiometer—see options
Voltage Monitor 0V to +5V ±2% for 0% to 100% (Zout<1Ω Iout ≤2mA)
Current Monitor 0V to +5V ±2% for 0% to 100%, Offset ±0.1% of FS (Zout=1R Iout ≤2mA)
Polarity Control Low or <1V = -ve, >4.0V or OC =+ve
Inhibit Low or <1V = Enabled >4.0V or OC = inhibited
Line Regulation <10ppm over full input voltage range
Load Regulation <10ppm for load changes from 10% to 100% load
Drift (after 1 hour warm up) <10ppm per hour, <50ppm over an 8 hour period
Protection (all outputs) Protected against intermittent arcing and continued short circuit to ground
Minimum Output Voltage 1% of maximum for model. Output current is de-rated below 10% voltage


HV Output

1m low noise shielded output cable.
Outer diameter: 6mm
Shield outer diameter: 4.4mm
Inner insulation diameter: 3.95mm

Control Input

Connector type: 15 way D-type male connector

Pin Assignments
1 +ve Control input
2 +5V Reference/Pot Wiper (if fitted)
3 Signal ground
4 Signal ground
5 0V Power return
6 0V Power return
7 0V Power return
8 Polarity select i/p
9 -ve Control input
10 Current monitor o/p
11 Voltage monitor o/p
12 Inhibit
13 +24V dc input
14 +24V dc input
15 +24V dc input
Mechanical Specification
Weight and Size
Unit Type Size (mm) Weight (kg)
Unipolar units LN001xIP010 147 x 98 x 40 0.8
LN2.5xIP010 147 x 98 x 40 0.8
LN005xIP010 147 x 98 x 40 1.0
LN010xIP010 200 x 98 x 40 1.2
LN015xIP010 200 x 98 x 40 1.7
LN020xIP010 210 x 120 x 55 1.7
LN030xIP010 210 x 120 x 55 1.7
Reversible Units LN001RIP010 147 x 98 x 40 1.0
LN2.5RIP010 147 x 98 x 40 1.0
LN005RIP010 147 x 98 x 40 1.2
LN010RIP010 195 x 140 x 48 1.5
LN015RIP010 240 x 165 x 52 3.5
LN020RIP010 240 x 165 x 52 3.5
LN030RIP010 240 x 165 x 52 3.5
Part Numbering
Series Voltage Polarity Options Temp-Co (°C) Lead Length (m)
LN 001 kV
2.5 2.5kV
005 5kV
010 10kV
015 15kV
020 20kV
R Reversible
P Positive
N Negative
IP precision current monitor
PR current monitor, pot & reference
010 10ppm/°C -1.0 1m
-2.0 2m
-3.0 3m

Example: LN005RIP010-1.0 = 5kV reversible with current monitor, <10ppm/°C tempco with 1m output cable