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FF Series

FF Range of Floating Filament Modules
Output 7.5v at 5A ISOLATION TO 30kV

Applications: Mass Spectrometers, Electron Guns, Electron Gun Evaporators, X-Ray Tube Filaments, Power input & control at ground potential

These power supplies use the proven power oscillator from the standard & X-Ray filaments of up to 1.5 ohm (including cable resistance). The filaments can be isolated from ground by up to 30 kV, while power input & all controls remain at ground potential.

Higher isolation voltages are also possible. Please consult the factory for more details.

Electrical Specification
Input Voltage (at ground potential) 24V d.c. ±0.5V at 3A maximum.
Output Current 0.8A to 5A at up to +7.5 volt d.c.
Control 0 to +10V gives 0 to 5A, or by internal or external potentiometer
Ripple Less than 200 mV peak to peak, ripple frequency 50 kHz.
Load Regulation Less than 1% for 10% change in filament resistance. The output impedance of the power supply is electronically controlled to maintain the filament temperature as the filament changes
Line Regulation Less than 1% for 0.5V change in 24V.
Temperature Co-efficient 0.1% per °C.
Current Monitor (pin 3) 0 to 10V represents 0 to 5A (accuracy ±5%, source resistance
Inhibit (pin 8) Low = on, high or O/C = off.
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +45 °C.
Mechanical Specification

230 x 120 x 60 mm (5kV, 15kV & 30kV isolation)

Output Cables Length 1 meter approx
Pin Connections As standard HP series with current monitor on pin 3 and on/off on pin 8.
Order Code
Series Code FF
o/p Isolation Dc Options Code K no
005 = 5kV D = Dc AA 060
eg. old K1/79 ; 15kV isolated supply = FF015DAA079